Friday, June 10, 2011

Orientation Day 1

i've tossed and turned.
woken up several times.
well, i lost counts. =p
something nice about the dorm is that it's always cold.
which is a thumbs-up since i've never be a fan of heat.
yeah, i came from Malaysia and lived in Yuma.
you can say they are two of the hottest places in the world.

i woke up around 7. my roommate has already took her shower at 6 in the morning.
that's something i would never. ever. do in my life. haha.
casual outfit and off i went for the adventure.

let's say there was TONS of walking.
i'm glad i "stole" my mom's flip flop.
any other kind of shoes would have killed my feet.
moreover, the gruesome weather.
i hope my facial sunblock spf 110 helped even a bit. =)
yes. 110. isn't that abso-amazing-lutely??

they gave all of the incoming freshman a $9 meal card.
which is totally awesome. i spent my first meal on burger king's french fries.
*don't judge =p
the campus is huuuuuge. i'm not even kidding.
there's no way. NO WAY. you would know where to go if you don't have a map in your hand.
well, i think the map would be kinda useless if u don't even know hot to use it.
since it's summer. so not every student is here.
yeah, no hot asians. how disappointing.
wait till august. =)

i was planning to leave around 1.15 to meet up with my family before they return to yuma.
unfortunately, there was a mandatory session that i had to attend. =/
i was hoping to have a last lunch with them.
next time.

i think i'm doing pretty well here.
of course everything's still so new to me.
and it's only the second day.
my roommate is pretty nice and cool.
so i believe she can put up with my anti social attitude.

oh! and i applied to U of A by declaring pre-pharmacy.
then i leaned toward engineering.
now. i'm in the college of science.
i know i know.
i haven't even start my classes and here i am.
already switching back and forth.
it's not a crime. haha!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

been reading a lot of j magazines.
well, it's really boring when there's pretty much nothing to do.
except eat and sleep.
also started picking up some korean reality show, like We Got Married. ^^

Kana Nishino on the cover of Jelly

Arime from S Cawaii

Chinatsu Wakatsuki

Monday, July 12, 2010

summer in Las Vegas

i haven't written a post since....god knows when. =p
parents left to new york last night.
so we have the whole apartment to ourselves again.
yeah yeah. ^^

there's a new korean town in vegas now. not that big though.
still pretty cool since my sis is so so obsessed with korean thingy. -_-
see. she even found two things with hyori's face on. LOL!

my sis and i have been here since a week ago.
no library everyday and whatsoever.
i'm constantly on the computer.
cuz there ain't nothing to do here other than that.
sad huh.
well, i'm almost done with my books.
i'm no kidding when i said i read a book per day.
and no, it's a freaking 320 pages book alright.
pfft. =)
but then i got distracted for watching 下一站,幸福.
vaness is so hot. xD!!

btw, new glasses. xD

bro doesn't work on wednesday and thursday.
so we went to Town Square to watch Eclipse~~~~~~~
i'm not that crazy about it.
but i got to get out. so why not. =]
and this place is awesome!!

later, we had our lunch/dinner in a malaysian restaurant.
cool huh? u can find a malaysian restaurant in vegas. LOL!!

roti canai



nasi lemak


the next day, which is thursday.
bro brought us to his school library.
it's so damn quiet. i even walked so slowly that i wouldn't make ANY noise. =p
my sis and i were like taking out books then put it back.
over and over again.
yes, we were bored. haha!
then we went to this local library. it's not as nice as the one in my town.
boo. they don't have the books i want. =(

she was just flipping through the pages, looking at pictures.

after we left both libraries, we stopped by Walmart to get some stuff.
we found milo!!!! but we didn't buy it. cuz i'm lazy to boil the water and bla bla bla.

first home cooked meal.
i made the korean BBQ ribs.

second day.
the fish tasted weird.

yesterday, parents got here in the morning.
we had dim sum. then walked around in Fashion Show mall.
it's huge. i like it a lot. ^^
my mom brought me a smaller bag.
i wanted pink, but Foever21 didn't have it. =(

hello kitty!!!

later that night, bro got home around 9.
he shouldn't be cuz he had to work.
he was released early so we went to the pool.
at night. -_-.
the nearest one is a bit packed. so we walked around the apartment to find another pool.
then that one was too dirty. we walked to third one and finally settled there.
of course, i do not know how to swim.
it doesn't matter right. haha!

then we were all starving, we had out dinner/supper at Sushi Mon.

strawberry-flavored mochi

that's green tea ice cream. not wasabi. xD

Friday, July 9, 2010

JELLY/ViVi mag - july 2010